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Deep Powder Snow by Dolores LaChapelle
Rare, limited edition, out-of-print publication. From the cover: "Before Loveland Pass. Before Snowbird. Before Aspen even had a chair lift, one irreverent woman was climbing 14,000-foot peaks and skiing down fifty-degree avalanche chutes - simply for the passion and grace of being played by earth, sky and gravity."
Price: $42.00
Navigating the Tides of Change by David LaChapelle
How do we manage to see light through the dark despair that many of us feel at the ever-deteriorating state of our world? David LaChapelle presents a compelling case that humankind can indeed navigate the quickening pace effectively, to create a future more in harmony with he Earth. And he proposes that we can do this, first, by integrating modern science, the esoteric/spiritual traditions, and Earth wisdom...
Price: $12.95
A Voice on the Wind: a fable of coming of age by David LaChapelle
Paperback in pale blue wraps w gilt illus & blue titling. 8-1/4 x 8-1/4, 158 pp. Story of an Alaskan boy who goes on a mythic journey that leads him to manhood.
Price: $10.00
Mountains of Light
Paperback in pale rose wrapped w gilt illus.. 8-1/4 x 8-1/4, 158 pp. Story of coming of age and the Sacred Feminine. A beautiful fable you'll wish would never end.
Price: $25.00
Return to Mountain: Tai Chi Between Heaven and Earth by Dolores LaChapelle
Price: $10.00
D. H. Lawrence: Future Primitive (Philosophy and the Environment Series) by Dolores LaChapelle
Price: $12.00
David Retreat notes by Stephen Griffies
A dedicated student David's teachings for several years, Stephen took notes worthy of the scientific mind that he has refined, of David's last retreat in Colorado. He used care and precision in capturing not only the content of David's teaching and the quality of his "voice", but all in the context of the witness to the Sacred he intrinsically carries. Full color printed copies include photos and much deep love.
Price: $12.00
Radiance Rising: Spiritual Practices for Daily Living
Through yogic spiritual practies learned from her teacher David LaChapelle and other significant spiritual teachers, Teja Shankara has healed herself almost entirely of depression, migraine headaches, anxiety, insomnia, and destructive thought patterns. Now as a radiant cheerleader for healthy living, she is enthusiastically spreading the seeds of spirituality among people of all faiths. This inspirational pocket book desribes basic practices that anyone - of any religion - can incorporate into thier life journey.
Price: $10.00
The Rita Lila
Raw, engaging, and described by her teacher as "one who makes bubbles of joy," Rita shares her lustrous journey through the fires of divorce, motherhood and a series of romantic lilas (divine plays). Determined to heal herself, she takes a disciplined dive into Yogic spiritual practices while working closely with American spiritual teacher David LaChapelle. Eventually she bows at the Feet of her Gurus, Ammachi and Neem Karoli Baba, in a true surrender that spurs a radical transformation: from a girl long suffering with an addictive love patterns to a self-fulfilling woman of Bliss. This kind of remarkable change is not only astounding and awe-inspiring, but it is possible for anyone.
Price: $17.00

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