The LaChapelle Legacy site - 3 legendary lives - 3 professional libraries - a dynamic legacy

Welcome to a site for Ed, Dolores and David LaChapelle. This site offers a study room, a comfortable lounge to enjoy and get to know these vital mountain people.  They found a steadying vortex of creativity and focus of mind in their family bonds and in the years together. Each, a potent researcher and writer in their own right, combined forces and offered the world great gifts of their philosophical and scientific contributions. Each, deeply serious in his/her approach to their fields, inspired thousands of students and followers between them. Together, their work built a legacy, a hearth of information, an expression of love through precision and mastership. Please let us know how you like the site and ideas for improving. Thank you

Thank you for supporting this site

Newlyweds Mary Dolores Greenwell LaChapelle and
Edward Randall LaChapelle, Switzerland c.1948

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